Company Share Purchase Price Current Price Gain/Loss Action
HBF Direct Limited 1452682 360 360 22.7
Incomet Learning Limited 3000000 330 356 41.8
Taiiki Digi Limited 50000 10 10 28.6
National Stock Exchange Of India LTD 490000000 3601 3650 57.0

Buy unlisted or Pre IPO shares

How to buy best unlisted/ Pre-IPO shares online? If you are getting the question that how to buy best unlisted shares online than your search ends here. We are group of professionals based out of India, Dubai and London helping investors to invest in unlisted shares online

Step by Step Approach


Deal Proposal

This modern business model demonstrates adaptability and creativity in today's fast-paced economy. Unlisted dealers and buyers exchange a digital handshake via WhatsApp or email to conclude trades, creating opportunities for mutual success and growth.


Documents Confirmation

For the share transfer to proceed, the buyer must provide specific papers: client master copy, PAN card copy, Aadhar card copy, and cancelled cheque. These papers will undergo extensive review to ensure legality and correctness, and the agreement will be confirmed upon their approval.


Fund Transfer

Upon agreeing to the deal, the buyer must transfer funds to our designated bank account and provide us with the remitter name, bank account number, bank name, and UTR number. We will verify the information to confirm payment receipt and finalize the transaction.

Why AQT Direct Limited

Here’s how we can help you

Expertise that is unrivalled

Our team has created a process to assist investors in making better decisions by extracting genuine and valuable insights from their data.

In-depth Market Analysis

We investigate unlisted share opportunities and find the best available stocks based on a variety of criteria, reducing risk and assisting our clients in investing in emerging businesses.

Dealings that are transparent

Before entering into a transaction, all of the information requested by an investor is presented in an easy-to-understand manner, as well as all transactional data.

Transactions are processed safely

We ensure that every transaction you enter with us is processed smoothly, securely, and as quickly as possible.

Monitoring and Updates on a Regular Basis

We monitor the performance of unlisted companies on a daily basis and provide regular information to our clients, allowing them to make educated decisions.

Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

We assist customers in diversifying their portfolios by providing a unique investment proposition as well as varied investment options in numerous areas.

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